Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting your booking
request. We strongly advise that you retain a copy of these terms and conditions
as well as a copy of the booking form for future reference.
1.1) In these Conditions all references to “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Club7
Holidays LTD.
1.2) The terms “you” and “your” refer to the person who enters into a Contract
with Club7 Holidays LTD. for the provision of services.
1.3) “Infant” mean a person below the age of two years and “Child” mean a
person more than the age of two and below the age of twelve years.
1.4) “Contractor” / “Supplier” means supplier of any infrastructural facility and
shall include hotel managements, airlines, caterers, restaurants, places of
entertainment like theme parks, showrooms, museums, art galleries etc shipping
company, railway, ferry, cruise, coach who are to provide the services to the
1.5) Tour means trip, package, holiday, course, or otherwise inclusive arrange-
ment booked by you.
1.6) “Tour Cost” means the tour cost mentioned in the Booking form / brochures
/ online and other payments such as taxes, surcharges etc payable by the client
to the Company.
1.7) “Brochure” means printed brochure, Website, itinerary, leaflets, booklet, Price
1.8) Writtenor in writing refersto any correspondence, either by email or by post,
between you and Club7 Holidays LTD. or by notification on the relevant
brochure, itinerary, leaflets, booklet website which is
2) BROCHURE/WEBSITE ACCURACy DISCLAIMER 2.1) All the inputs in brochure and
website has been done with the available information at the time of publication,
however we are not responsible for any printing or typing mistakes.
2.2) As the brochure may have printed much earlier than your booking we
reserve all the right to change any information from the brochure/website.
2.3) We reserve the complete right to change any brochure/website information
before/after your booking the tour due to some unavoidable circumstances. We
therefore ask you to confirm the current information by contacting us.
2.4) Note that the itinerary may have changed. The products and services
displayed may have changed. The photos of meals / sightseeing / properties etc.
are for reference only and may differ from the actual. Hotels may have to be
booked far off from the central place.
3.1) We reserve the right to alter, amend, change or modify the tour package
and itineraries before or during the tour. We will make reasonable efforts to notify
you promptly of such changes / events sufficiently in advance during booking or
prior to departure of the tour. If such changes / events occur during the tour, our
tour proffessional or local representative will inform you of the changes during the
tour and we solicit your full co–operation in accepting such circumstantial
changes. Therefore, no grievance regarding any itinerary / service change which
we are constrained to make, will be entertained from the tour clients during or
after the tour. it shall be deemed that such signature is for
3.2) Please note that promotional offers may have and on behalf of all the tour
clients named in different terms and conditions which will the Booking Form
assuming full responsibility. It in addition to these terms and conditions and shall
be deemed and construed that all such the requirements of the booking
deposits, tour clients have duly authorized the said travel payments, deadlines
and mode of payment agent to sign the Booking Documents on their may be
defined in such promotions which will behalf. be over and above these terms and
3.3) Changes may be necessitated due tofactors beyond our control such
as ForceMajeure events, strikes, fairs, festivals, sport,events,weather conditions,
traffic problems,overbooking of hotels / flights, cancellation / re-routing of flights
or railway, closure of / restricted entry at a place of sightseeing etc. Generally, we
try to avoid dates when big Fairs, Exhibitions, Olympics etc. and other events
are held in certain cities as hotels are fully booked several years ahead. If you
have to travel on such dates, you may have to stay in alternate hotels or hotels
in other cities.

3.4) Due to airline’s requirements the points of entry and exit in a country may
change. We may operate more than one coach per departure date and may for
convenience reverse the direction or amend the itinerary.
3.5) Change in itinerary may also be required or necessitated on account of
actions, inactions, defaults or condition of tour clients in the group.
3.6) we shall not be liable to refund any amount or pay any compensation /
damages on account of any change in itinerary. In case the alternate arrange-
ments made are materially superior as compared to the ones described in the
Brochure, we may charge extra for the same at the time of booking or in the
course of the tour.
4.1) Please read carefully and understand the contents of the Tour Brochure /
website itinerary, the ‘Terms and Conditions’, Price Grid and such other
documents as may be applicable, as all these will form part of your contract with
4.2) We may require you to sign the Booking Form and such other documents as
we may deem fit including (without limitation) the ‘Terms & Conditions’, rules and
‘Price Grid’.
4.3) Upon executing the Booking Documents and on payment of the prescribed
non-refundable interest-free booking amount, a binding contract shall come into
4.4) We advise you to ensure, before making a booking, that you have and / or
you will be able to provide all the required valid and genuine documents and
your professional qualifications to enable you to apply for visa, insurance etc.
4.5) In the event you are booking through us a tour / travel /service of any third
party operators, the terms and conditions of such third party operators, including
their payment schedule, cancellation, refund etc shall be applicable to you in
addition to these Terms and Conditions.
4.6) In case of one or more but not all tour clients named in the Booking Form sign
the Booking Documents, it shall be deemed that the signatories have been duly
authorized by all such tour clients to sign on their behalf assuming full

responsibility and accordingly it shall be deemed that all such tour clients have
signed the booking documents.
4.7) Where clients booking through a travel agent, if such travel agent signs the
Booking Documents, it shall be deemed that such signature is for and on behalf
of all the tour clients named in the Booking Form assuming full responsibility. It shall
be deemed and construed that all such tour clients have duly authorized the said
travel agent to sign the Booking Documents on their behalf.
4.8) Please note that there is no contract between the Company and the tour
clients until the Booking Documents are signed and received by the us and the
Company has also received the specified non-refundable interest free booking
4.9) The full payment must be received in accordance with prescribed payment
schedule. If not paid in accordance with the payment schedule the company
reserves the right to cancel the booking with consequent forfeiture of booking
amount and apply scale of cancellation charges as mentioned in the brochure.
4.10) Any payment that you make to your Travel Agent would not constitute
payment to the Company until the same is remitted to the account of the
5.1) We preserve our right to revise or cancel the tour booked by you, without
conveying any reason. Such revision or cancellation may be due to circumstanc-
es beyond our control. In such cases, we will offer you alternative tour dates /
tours or you would have the option of traveling as individual travellers, not as part
of the original tours. If the alternative date / tour is not acceptable or you do not
wish to travel as individual travellers, we would refund the money paid by you
without interest after deducting any costs incurred by us on your behalf, within a
period of forty five days from the date of revision or cancellation. However, we
would not be responsible or liable to pay any reimbursement or damages or
substantial loss or to refund any other expense incurred by you, If you cancel
5.2) If you wish to cancel your booking, you must inform us in writing. Such notifica-
tion shall be deemed to have been given to us only on the date of the receipt of
your letter, since we can act only on receipt. Any claims must however be made
direct to your insurance company.
5.3) The following cancellation charges shall apply irrespective of the reason for
cancellation. You understand and acknowledge that these charges are a
genuine pre-estimate of the damages that we will suffer on account of cancella-
tion. You understand that these damages are called liquidated damages in legal
language, which are payable without proof of actual damages. You agree not
to dispute such deductions or to demand proof of actual damages.
• 60 days or more prior to the departure of the Tour – 30% of the tour cost.
• 59-40 days prior to the departure of the Tour – 40% of the tour cost.
• 39-31 days prior to the departure of the Tour 70% of the tour cost.
• 30 days or less prior to departure of the Tour 100% of the tour cost.
• OR A ‘No-show’ on the tour the Tour Cost.
However, in the following cases you shall be deemed to have cancelled the tour
even if no cancellation notice is issued by you:
5.4) In case of visa rejection, you would be deemed to have cancelled on the
date of intimation of such rejection. Please see our Visa Guidance section for
further details

5.5) If you fail to pay the tour costs in time or if you commit any other default in
relation to your booking, we may treat such failure or default as a cancellation of
the booking by you. In such case, the cancellation charges shall be computed
with reference to the date on which we issue you a notice of cancellation;
5.6) If on your failure of payment or other default, no notice of cancellation is
issued by us but your payment or default remains outstanding on the date of
departure, the booking shall be deemed to have been cancelled by you without
any advance notice, inviting the highest cancellation charge. You expressly
agree to abide by the foregoing terms and conditions. If you change Booking
5.7) If you wish to amend or change your booking, you have to communicate
your request to us in writing. Such requests for change or amendment will be
accepted subject to availability.
Please note that: (1) The altered or changed booking will be regarded as a new
booking; (2) An alteration fee of INR 1000 is payable in case of every alteration or
change; and (3) In case the alteration is carried out within the cancellation
period, then a cancellation charge shall apply as if a cancellation was made on
the date the request for alteration or change is made. Please note the cancella-
tion charges specified in the preceding section. Terms & Conditions shall apply. If
you change from one tour to another
5.8) A request in writing for transfer from one tour to another 45 days prior to the
departure will be treated as cancellation on that tour and a fresh booking on
another. In these cases, a transfer fee of Rs. 5,000/ – per person will be applicable
in addition to the costs for re-processing your visas, air tickets etc due to the
transfer to another tour. In case you transfer within the cancellation period, then
the cancellation policy will apply. Terms & Conditions shall apply.
6) REFUND and R.O.E
6.1) Refunds (If any) for Changes and / or cancellations will be paid directly to you
for bookings made directly with the company’s office. For bookings routed
through our Preferred Sales Agent (PSA) or your Travel Agent, the refunds will be
routed through them. It would take at least 30 working days to process refunds.
6.2) There is no refunds payable for any unutilized or partially utilized services (e.g.
Airline tickets, Meals, Entrance Fees, Optional Tour, Hotel, Sightseeing etc.) The
refund for the foreign exchange component of the tour will be refunded in INR
only and will be at the current days rate of exchanges of the company.

6.3) Third Party refund i.e. airlines, cruise, overseas suppliers could take between
“30 to 90 working days”, provided relevant supporting are provided to the
6.4) If a tour is cancelled by the Company, then all monies will be refunded after
taking into consideration the actual expenses incurred for Visas, etc.
7.1) We are travel and holiday organizers only. We inspect and select the services
to be provided to you. However, we do not own, operate or control any airline,
shipping company, coach or coach company, hotel, transport, restaurant,
kitchen caravan or any other facility or provider etc. that is engaged to provide
you services during the course of your tour. Therefore, please carefully note that:
(1) you will need to adhere to the conditions, rules and regulations of each service
provider. (2) If you cause any injury or damage affecting the service provider,
then you may be liable to the service provider and if the service provider recovers
any monies from us for such injury or damages, we shall separately charge you for
the same; (3) we cannot be held responsible/ liable for any delay, deficiency,
injury, death, loss or damage etc. occasioned due to act or default of such
service providers, their employees or agents.
8.1) The menus are pre-set menus provided for meals on the tour. The types of
meals are clearly indicated in the brochure. Unlike an airline, we cannot provide
a special meal, nor do.
8.2) we guarantee a special diet to the client, except to the extent mentioned in
the brochure and preferred by you. We however reserve the right to change the
meal arrangement if circumstances make it necessary to do so.
8.3) In the event of whatsoever reason the client misses any meal including
breakfast offered to him by the company, then no claim can be made for the
meal/breakfast, which he has missed and not utilized.
8.4) Special requests for room allocation, diet consideration on tour / cruise / flight
etc. must be made in writing at the time of booking, but all such requests shall be
subject to availability. The Company will not be held liable for claims of damages
or significant loss if the company is unable to process such requests for want of
9.1) We select hotels which are convenient and comfortable, in order to reduce
travelling time and more sightseeing they may be located away from the city
9.2) Also due to favorable conditions in Europe, most of the hotels do not have air
conditioners / fans.
9.3) All baggage and personal effects are at all times and under all circumstanc-
es your responsibility. We will not be responsible or liable in case of loss of such
items from the hotel premises / coach / Airport / during travel or place of visit etc.
Some hotels offer the facility of safe deposit lockers, which can be availed of by
you at your own cost and risk. The company will not be liable for any loss/theft
from the same.
9.4) Hotels in Europe have Some of the modern facilities like attached toilets with
showers / bathtubs are provided and they may / may not have room service
9.5) We cannot guarantee the availability of adjoining rooms / interconnecting
rooms / non-smoking room / rooms on the same floor etc.
9.6) Since the rooms are comparatively small, we would recommend only 3
persons in one room for your own comfort. Triple rooms are usually no larger than
twin rooms and the third bed is often a rollaway cot put in a twin room for the
9.7) A double room has either a single queen-size bed or two separate beds. If
you request for a room with a queen-size bed, the same would be provided
subject to availability as most of the hotel rooms in Europe are twin-bedded. In
case of non-availability of a room with a queen-size bed, a twin bedded-room
would be given

9.8) The hotels will either be those shown in the itinerary or of the same category.
Due to trade fairs and conventions in the cities the hotels may be blocked out for
more than 2 yrs in advance. In view of this you may have to stay in hotels further
away from the cities and itineraries may have to be altered/amended.
9.9) Facilities like mini bar, pay television channels, telephone etc are not compli-
mentary and these facilities if used by the client have to be paid for by the client
directly to the Hotel and such charges are not included in the tour cost. The client
will have to abide by the check in /check out time of the hotel.
9.10) Any damages caused to the hotel rooms / Coach / place of visit etc. during
your stay/tour/visit, shall be borne and payable by you, and the company will not
be accountable for the same.
9.11) Company is not accountable if there is sudden disruption/disorder of
telephone, internet services, and other amenities while staying at the hotels. The
company will also be not responsible for the facilities provided or not provided in
the room/bathroom/hotel premises etc. by the Hotel or its staff.
9.12) Actions of hotel staff does not come under the direct purview of the compa-
ny and the company will not be responsible for the same.
10.1) We generally take air conditioned/air-cool coaches at times due to
weather extremity the air condition may not work or will not be much effective we
are not responsible for any malfunction/defect in the coach or even the behavior
of the coach captain.
10.2) As far as seating is concerned it will be on rotation basis for which our tour
professionals will assist you.
10.3) Some of the coaches may have the facility of WC. But which can be availed
in extreme condition only.
10.4) Company will not be responsible in any way for lost valuables left behind in
the coaches.
10.5) The coach drivers are bound by restrictions regarding maximum driving
hours per day and per week and the itineraries are planned according to that. It
is necessary that you should follow the timings/itineraries/schedules to make sure
that all the services entitled will be provided. If due to anyone if the same gets
interrupted there will be no resposiblity from our side and shall not be liable for any
kind of refund.
10.6) Please note that smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and snacks
is strictly prohibited on coaches.
10.7) Damage to the coach in any form from you is payable to the bus company.
11.1) In any situation we are not liable to you or any person for loss of baggage by

the airline, failure to provide meal of your choice by the airline, denied boarding
despite having confirmed tickets, quality of meals offered by the airlines, flight
delay, change in flight schedule/routing or you miss the flight etc.
11.2) If in the event that the client is booked on a particular Airline on a particular
date and due to certain reasons beyond the control of us, the client is not
allowed to board the flight, the client shall not hold the us responsible for the
same and no claim whatsoever can be made by the client against the us.
11.3) Airport taxes / Airport Development Fee as applicable to be paid over &
above the Tour Cost should there be a rise post the printing of the brochure. All
the booking / cancellation / change of the airline ticket and the travel on such
airline ticket will be subject to the terms and conditions of respective Airlines and
the same may be provided to the client by us upon request, if available.
11.4) Every airline has their own set of rules and regulations about the weight
restrictions and they keep on changing this regularly. So you are requested to
please check the updated baggage rules of the individual airlines. please check
with our sales staff for correct details.
11.5) We are not liable, in any way, if you are unable to carry any baggage or if
you have to pay any extra-charges due to restrictions imposed by the airline. You
shall be liable to pay all such charges directly to the airline. Also, we are not liable
for any loss or damage to baggage while it is in the custody of the airline.
11.6) It may be possible you are booked on a group fare ticket, please note that
seat allotment will be made only when you physically report at the airport check
in counter. You are advised to report at the airport check in counter at least 3 to
4 hours prior to the departure time. Seat allocation is a matter of airlines discretion
and availability of seats is not in the control of Club7 Holidays. So we shall not be
held responsible if you do not get seats together or do not get your preferred
11.7) In case you are returning on a later date after the tour ends, the responsibili-
ty / liability to re-confirm air tickets 72 hours prior to the departure would be solely
12.1) If you wish to travel in advance i.e., before the published departure date as
mentioned in the brochure or like to come back on a later date after the tour
ends, there will be an additional charge as per the airline that will be applicable
(subjectto availability of seats for the given dates & ticket validity) which will be
advised to you by your sales staff /travel agent. Kindly note, the deviation will be
actioned only 30 days prior to departure date.
12.2) The request for deviations should be given in writing to the company at the
time of booking as these requests are subject to availability and we are not
holding seats for the same.
13.1) Travellers cheques are a safe way to carry money as they are easily
encashed for a small service fee. So take your spending money partly in currency,
partly in travellers cheques or Travel Currency Card. and can be replaced if they
are stolen or lost, provided you have the lost travellers cheque numbers and the
counterfoil. Alternatively, you can take a Travel Currency Card, which is by far the
safest way to carry money and make payments. The card gives you anytime
access to your cash at over 8,00,000 VISA/VISA PLUS ATMs and in any denomina-
tions you wish to withdraw. This card is also accepted by over 12 Million Visa
Electron Merchant Outlets across the world.
14.1) All payments towards the tour cost must be made by the client to the
company in accordance with the procedure and time frame mentioned herein
below. All payments made within 15 days prior to the tour departure date will
have to be paid in cash/Demand Draft.

14.2) The PAN Card copy will be required when payments amounting Rs.25,000/-
or above are made by cash.
14.3) Payments made towards the foreign exchange component of your tour will
be calculated as per the ROE (rate of exchange) of that given day. The foreign
exchange component of the tour cost entitled under one’s Basic Travel Quota
(BTQ) is mandatory to be availed from the Company. The client is required to pay
the total tour cost component in Indian Rupees by way of a demand draft in
favour of the Company / Bank. The pre-printed Basic Travel Quota Form has to be
duly signed & completed by the client and submitted for request of requisite
Foreign Exchange. The Company would forward the said form to the Authorised
Dealer / Full Fledged Money Changer to release the amount of required foreign
exchange to the Company for the cost of the tour as a part of the Basic Travel
Quota of the Client. As per the prevailing guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India,
all residents holding Indian passports are entitled to avail a maximum amount of
USD 10,000 or its equivalent per person in one calendar year for one or more
private / leisure visits under the Basic Travel Quota. All individual travellers holding
an Indian Passport are entitled to avail a maximum amount of USD 25,000 or its
equivalent per visit while travelling on business. In both the above cases the
traveller cannot avail in excess of USD 2,000 or its equivalent by way of cash
Payment Procedure:
• Minimum Per Person Charges Payment to be made by the client
• 60 days or more prior to the departure of the Tour INR 50,000/-
• 59-31 days prior to the departure of the Tour 50% of the Tour Cost
• 30 days or less prior to departure of the Tour 100% of OR A ‘No-show’ on the tour
the Tour Cost.
14.4) Full payment must made be in accordance with the procedure stated
above. In case of non-compliance thereto by the client, the company reserves a
right to cancel the tour/booking of the client with subsequent loss of deposit and
apply and recover the cancellation charges as mentioned herein.
15.1) It shall be the duty of the Traveller to inform the Company in case the
Traveller has any medical condition that may affect his ability to enjoy and pursue

Toll Free No. 1800 210 0210
fully the Tour Arrangements and wherein the interest of the Group or any member
thereof is prejudicially affected. Pace of certain tours might not be suitable to
individuals. Hence we suggest that individuals may choose tours as per their
health conditions.
15.2) The Company reserves the right to ask the Traveller to provide written
certification of his medical fitness before departure. In the event that a medical
condition has not been disclosed the Company will not be liable to provide any
assistance or money back.
15.3) It is necessary for the Traveller to obtain a valid travel/health insurance prior
to the commencement of the tour and the company will not be responsible for
the same.Settlement of the claims will be entirely at the discretion of the
insurance company.
15.4) The tour participant should check the accuracy and correctness of the
insurance policy.
16.1) The information furnished and shared to us by you will be totally treated as
confidential and will share only the necessary information with airline, hotels and
other service providers who will provide the services to you during your tour.
However we may be forced to disclose the information furnished by you, if such
disclosure is required by the law or by an order of a court or the rules, regulations
or enquiry by any government / statutory agency having regulatory authority
over the Company.
17.1) Any communication directed at the address or made through/on the
contact details such as e-mail id, cell phone /telephone no./fax no. of the
Traveller as disclosed in the “Booking Form” or made to the travel agent through
whom the Traveller has made the bookings with the company shall be deemed
to have been communicated to and received by the Traveller. The Company
shall not responsible for any error on part of mode of communication or the Travel
Agent in this regard.
18.1) Any Traveller will have to follow the Tour Program and return to India as per
the tour itinerary. There shall be no refund, if the Traveller fails to join the group at
the beginning of the tour, or joins the group later or leaves the group before end
of the tour. It shall be noted that for all purposes, it shall be the responsibility of the
Traveller to reach the place of beginning of the Tour and register with our
representative at the said place, date and time.
18.2) Even if a Traveller is unable to reach the place of beginning of the tour due
to any reason whatsoever including loss of baggage or loss of travel documents,
his booking shall be treated as “no show” on the tour and 100% cancellation
charges will be levied.
18.3) In case if a Traveller along with his family is compelled to discontinue the tour
due to any reason whatsoever including illness, death or loss of passport or any
travel documents, no claim shall be entertained for refund of unutilized services.
18.4) If a Traveller avails pre – tour services or part thereof, or the air tickets (cost of
which is included in the main tour cost) but fails to join the group for the main tour
at the appointed place, or cancels the tour after using the air tickets or pre – tour
arrangements or part thereof, it shall be treated as “no show” and there will be no
refund whatsoever for the unutilized pre-tour or main tour services.
18.5) Each of these conditions shall be severable from the other and if any
provision be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall
nevertheless have full force and effect. No liability on the part of the Company
arising in any way out of the Contract in respect of any tour, holiday, excursion
facilities shall exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid for the tour
holiday, and shall in no case include any consequential loss or additional expense

18.6) The Company, reserves the right to withdraw tour membership from anyone
whose behavior is deemed likely to affect the smooth operation of the tour or
adversely affect the enjoyment or safety of other passengers and the Company
shall be under no liability to any such person. It is hereby declared that the
immunities provided under this contract shall be available to the Company’s
Managers, including Tour Managers, Employees, Servants and Agents but not to
the Independent Contractors selected by the Company.
18.7) The prices quoted in this brochure have been calculated at the rate prevail-
ing at the time of printing of this brochure. The Company reserves the right to
amend the prices published in this brochure in case of currency fluctuations,
changes in the various gross rates of exchange, and/or fuel costs, special/high
season charge levied by the suppliers, hike in the airline/rail charges before the
date of departure and to surcharge accordingly. All such increases in price must
be paid for in full before the Departure by the Traveller.
18.9) If you book with your own travel agent and your booking with that agent
includes, but is not limited to Club7 Holidays arrangements, your contract is with
your travel agent and Club7 Holidays is simply an agent to your travel agent
18.10) In case of publication of any travel scheme offering any discount or benefit
by the Company, it shall have the sole right to withdraw such a scheme or
discount at any time unless a specific assurance of the contrary is published.
18.11) The company shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the
Traveller for:
i) Any over stay expenses due to delay or changes in bus/ air/ trains / ship/ or
cancellation of special bogie or other services due to sickness, weather
conditions, strike, war or any other cause whatsoever.
ii) Sightseeing missed & / or program being cancelled after the commencement
of the tour & before the due period due to any unavoidable situations which are
beyond our control.
iii) Any Loss/Damage of baggage by the Airlines/Hotels/Coach.
18.12) Initial deposit just ensures only registration/participation on the tour but
does not entitle any services like Tickets, Visas, and Hotel Accommodation until full
payment has been received.
18.13) In the case of one or more but not all passengers signing ‘Booking Form’ it
shall be deemed that others have duly authorized concerned signing passen-
18.14) We cannot endow with individual aid to any of the tour member for
walking, dinning, getting on & off from any of the transport vehicle or other
personal needs. So it is indispensable that a qualified companion must accompa-
ny such traveler who needs such assistance. In the absence thereof, such traveler
will be joining the tour on his own risk and consequences.
18.15) The Traveller/Traveler must have his/her passport valid for at least 6 months
subsequent to such departure.

18.16) Company solely reserves the right to publish group photographs of the
passengers taken during the tour.
18.17) Distance, temperature & pre/post tour accommodation prices given in the
Brochure are approximate & are subject to change.
18.19) Photo of meals & sightseeing published in the Brochure are only for
reference & may change from actual meals served/ sights.
18.20) In case company offers any adventures activities then it is significant to
note that all the passengers should enjoy such activity/ ride at their own risk as
such kind of adventure might be risky at times especially for heart patients,
expecting mothers-to-be, people with high/low blood ressure etc.
18.21) The tour will be operated subject to a minimum of 25 full paying passengers
traveling together. The services of Club7 Holidays Tour Professional will be
provided with a group of minimum 25 full paying passengers. Our local represen-
tative will be there to assist you in case the above requirement is not fulfilled.
When the tour has less than 15 adults and is operated on seat-in-coach basis,
there will be instances where the drivers act as a guide as well.
19.1) There is no Contract between the Us and the Traveller until the we have
received the initial deposit of INR 50,000/-.
19.2) The company has the right at any time and for any reason:
• To terminate this contract after acceptance of deposit but prior to the
Commencement of Tour without assigning any reason whatsoever. In the event,
the company terminates this contract, the company shall refund the amount
paid by the Traveller without payment of any interest.
• To amend, alter, vary or withdraw any tour, holiday, excursion airline, flight
routing or facility or discounts / concessions it has advertised or published or to
substitute an Independent Contractor of similar class if it is deemed advisable or
necessary. In either case, the company shall not be liable for any damage,
additional expense, or consequential loss suffered by the Travellers or for any
compensation claims made.
19.3) No person other than the company, in writing, has the authority to vary, add,
amplify or waive any stipulation, representation, term or condition in the
19.4) In the event of the company exercising its rights to amend or alter any of the
services as mentioned in the itinerary, after such tour or holiday has been booked,
the Traveller shall have the right:
• To continue with the tour or holiday as amended or altered or,
• b) To accept any alternative tour or holiday which the company may offer. In
either of these above cases, the traveller shall not be entitled to, or the company
shall not be liable to the traveller for any damage, additional expense,
consequential loss suffered by him or to pay any amount as refund.
• c) To cancel the tour, in which event the cancellation charges as stated herein
shall apply and the traveller will be liable to pay to the company such charges.
19.5) The company shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the Traveller
for :
• Any death, personal injury, sickness, accident, loss, delay, discomfort, increased
expenses, consequential loss and / or damage or any misadventure howsoever

• b) Any act, omission, default of Independent Contractor or other person or be
any servant or agent, employed by them who may be engaged or concerned in
the provision of accommodation, refreshment, carriage facilities or service for the
Traveller or for any person travelling with him howsoever caused.
• c) The temporary or permanent loss of or damage to baggage or personal
effects howsoever caused. In this condition the expression “Howsoever caused”
includes negligence on the part of any person.
19.6) a) If the Traveller has any complaint in respect of the services provided by
any of the Independent Contractors, the Traveller shall immediately notify the
same in writing to the Independent Contractor and a copy thereof should be
handed over to the Tour Professional of the company in order to enable the
company to take up the matter with the Independent Contractor so that in future
other Travellers do not face the same difficulty.
b) Any claim or complaint by the Traveller must be notified to the company in
writing within 7 days of the end of this holiday tour. No claim notified to this
company beyond this period will be entertained and the company shall incur no
liability whatsoever in respect thereof.
19.7) The tour is subject to RBI / GOI rules & regulations. Part of the tour cost will be
paid in EURO/ USD/AUD/NZD/ZAR out of your BTQ.
19.8) Force Measure – Unavoidable
The Company shall be excused from the performance or punctual performance
of any of terms and conditions/services/tour or part thereof as above, if the
performance thereof is prevented or delayed by any cause beyond the reason-
able control of the company, which shall include acts of God, riots, wars,
accidents, embargo, terror attacks, coup strike, natural calamities or requisition
(acts of government), or delays/negligence/carelessness in the performance of
the independent contractors caused by any such circumstances as referred
herein. Any additional cost incurred by the Company, for the services provided to
the Traveller, during the Force Majeure event, shall be paid by the Traveller.
19.9) All dispute/complaints with respect to these terms and conditions, the tour
and services shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts at Mumbai only.
19.20) Upon signing the booking form, these terms and conditions shall be binding
on both the company the Traveller and shall become the only basis of relations
between the parties and all previous communications in whatsoever form or
mode, whether oral or otherwise, with respect to any term or conditions of the
tour and services shall stand cancelled /revoked/terminated. On behalf of the
persons named in the booking form, I have read and understood the terms and
conditions as mentioned here in above and as mentioned in the Brochure.

Domestic    International
Adults (12 years above)
Children (2-12 years)
Infants (0-2 years)