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TRAVEL” –The word itself invokes a sense of freedom, a desire to explore the rich and vivid landscapes that lies unknown and unseen to a particular person (s). The idea of travelling is not only born to seek liberty from the mundane lifestyle but also to be aware of different cultures, social structures, the food habits, the dos and don’ts of our world-wide human fraternity.
Through travel we are exposed to the kaleidoscope of the various Societies, their morals, ethics, values, topography, chronicles, skills and host of others.

It may be pertinent to mention here that since the traveler delves into multifarious cultures, norms, social structures and activities- he/she can never remain immune to the events happening in the Society; he/she becomes fearless in pursuit of his/her explorations and the sense of logic and righteousness is much more prominent in them than among anybody else, since the idea of travel opens up broader spectrum of life in front of an individual. The concept of Freedom of Expression is stronger in them than the ordinary common man, since their spirit steers them clearly to their focus area which is seeking pure satisfaction of their ultimate aim of travel.

Saluting this indomitable spirit of travellers and their concept and ideology of travelling, CLUB-7, one of the pioneers of travel industry, known for their commitment to guests and enhancing their experiences by taking utmost care of their requirements, comfort, economy and enjoyment, according to the specifications and moods as expressed by the guests, have introduced the unique concept of Travel Blogging just suited for travel thirsty homo sapiens passionately searching for places to discover, to embrace its history, art, culture and social significance.

This Blog shall be an exclusive platform show-casing the inquisitiveness of curious travelers who are determined to enjoy the pleasure of voyages at any situation- good, moderate, bad or worst.
The blog, alike a personal recollection, would not only be a jewel-in-the-crown for Club 7 since its their effort and idea that through their Blogs they shall reach the hearts of the numerous individuals who are yet to discover the beauty and longings of travel as also to find out that person, located in a remote place, nurturing the secret longing to visit a place but is unable to do so due to circumstantial adversities; it will also act like a beautiful and bright album filled up with effervescent and eternal memories which can be read and appreciated or perused by similar minded enthusiastic co-travellers, fellow human beings and can be shared by all throughout the world which in turn would open up avenues for unearthing places hitherto unknown to the masses as well as act like an alchemist for clear perceptions and a true sense of bonding and togetherness.

Last but not the least, Blog as the name suggests, is the acronym for Weblog which is in actual term is a day to day chronology of an individual or a detailed description of any object, discovery, place and allied others. The main catch word is the diary-styled text posts/entries. Hence, the Travel Blog shall act as a memoirs of the travellers vacationing and touring all over the world, of the innumerable places seen, their specialities and their uniqueness which in turn will act as a guide for an “apprentice” traveller who has just been introduced into the world of explorations and is yet to enjoy fully, the inherent magnificence therein. The Blog shall act as a friend, savior hand-holder for the aforestated voyager.

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